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Refettorio Mérida

We are a cultural space in the heart of Mérida, leading the way to a more sustainable food system and inclusive community.

A meal is a gesture of inclusion

The mission of Refettorio projects around the world is to inspire a culture of value, advocate for a healthy and equitable planet and well-being of people.

Refettorio Mérida is a cultural project designed to offer a dining experience, recognized for the transformation of surplus ingredients into nutritious and beautiful dishes, to people in situations of social vulnerability, and to provide the local community with a space where beauty and service are used as tools to create social change.

  • + 200, 000 kg

    Food recovered

    Refettorios and Social Tables source and transform surplus ingredients that are perfectly edible but would otherwise go to waste into healthy and nourishing meals, helping people to appreciate their hidden value.

    Our Impact
  • + 80 mil

    People impacted

    We serve nutritious and nourishing meals in convivial atmospheres to people in situations of social vulnerability including homeless, rough sleepers, refugees and isolated members of the community.

    What we do
  • + 15 mil

    Worldwide volunteers

    Refettorios and Social Tables celebrate the gift of service by those who have enough to give. We implement service through the Value of Hospitality to promote human interaction and empathy.

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Something recovered is something gained.

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Culture brings knowledge. Knowledge leads to consciousness. And when we become conscious we are one short step away from becoming socially responsible. Culture is the key.

Massimo Bottura