Beauty is a universal language whose power can inspire and unveil hidden potential. Small moments of beauty can take people out of their daily experience and help them to connect with each other. We collaborate with artists to create spaces where our guests feel this transformative and inclusive Power of Beauty.

We have worked with gallerist José García Torres and artist and friend,  Bosco Sodi to adorn the walls of the Refettorio with artwork that inspires human connection. Sodi’s pieces are closely tied to the raw materials that make them, much like the Refettorio. Also featured in the Refettorio are works by Mario Garcia Torres who uses different mediums to reveal the manufactured nature of supposedly universal truths, Eduardo Sarabia who explores his Mexican-American identity through his art specifically referencing traditional Mexican folklore, adding elements of the issues felt at the U.S. Mexico border, Vanessa Rivero, a local Merida artist who explores the use of language and the meaning of materials, and Mario Dellavedova, an Italian artist living in Mexico, who realized eight decorative dishes called ‘Hilo que aleja, hilo que une’.
The Power of Beauty teaches us that art can inspire behavioral and even societal change. The Refettorio will shine light in its community, inviting everyone to come, bring their assets, and be more beautiful together.

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