Meet the Team

Our team passionately works to keep the doors open, the energy welcoming and the space inspiring for all the guests who find themselves at our refettorio.

  • zayuri-valle-v_600x600

    Zayuri Valle V.

    Manager Refettorio Mérida

    Zayuri has been a social activist for more than 14 years working on different projects promoting social justice in Mérida. At the Refettorio she is responsible for managing and directing, and thereby creating, synergy with allies in the private sector, community organizations and governments.

  • josé-angel-zamudio-dominguez_600x600

    José Ángel Zamudio Dominguez

    Executive Chef

    Ángel has always been passionate about giving back to the community and feels personally committed to social issues. At Refettorio Mérida, he is responsible for creating menus for the guests using recovered surplus ingredients that he turns into nourishing and delicious meals. Through his food, he wants guests to feel a sense of hospitality and dignity in a place that fosters human connections.

  • claudia-bolio-pacheco_600x600

    Claudia G. Bolio Pacheco

    Operational Coordinator

    Claudia has an academic and professional background in communications and social work for different civil society organizations. From the women in her family, she inherited a deep love for food as a social tool. At the Refettorio she manages and organizes the daily operations of Refettorio Mérida, including leading the team and working with our guests.

  • maría-del-carmen-rivera-flores_600x600

    María del Carmen Rivera Flores

    Vida Indipendiente Coordinator

    Maria has spent the last 13 years of her career designing training workshops for parents and adolescents in both public and private initiatives. Within the Refettorio project, María is responsible for managing and organizing all in-house operations, as well as building relationships with community organizations. Her work is to provide women with the necessary support and tools to build an independent life for themselves.

  • gabi-vega-valencia_600x600

    Gabi Vega Valencia


    Gabi has significant experience in administration in both private institutions and civil society organizations. Gabi has close ties with the local community, which makes him particularly sensitive to the problems of those who live in the area. At the Refettorio he is responsible for administrative tasks and follow-up meeting with Palace Foundation's committees.

  • Isidro Ulises

    Isidro Ulises Velasco López


    Ulises has developed within kitchens for more than 18 years. His passion for food preparation has led him to hold various positions and even his own projects, all related to food preparation. In his experience obtained in the missions, he internalized the value of the service and hospitality that he offers every day through his activities. He is currently the cook and chef support within the Refettorio.

  • César

    César López


    He is currently studying a bachelor's degree in financial accounting, throughout his professional development he has worked in administrative jobs and in the areas of purchasing. Currently in the Refettorio he is in charge of the rescue of food as well as the collection of donations and all the procedures and transportation in support of the food service. Cesar recognizes the value of service and human warmth as two important elements in human interactions..

  • María Irene

    María Irene Chuc Dorantes

    Cleaning Officer

    María has been working in various places for more than 20 years and with different activities focused on support and general assistance. In all of them, she has stood out as a woman full of skills, responsible and honest. The service and kindness are part of her day to day as well as an excellent performance that has led her to know many places and have pleasant experiences. At the Refettorio María is the cleaning officer and a special and important element for the spirit of the team and the house.

  • José Ismael

    Ismael Flores Avalos

    Kitchen Stewart

    With training in technical equipment support, Ismael has developed in various work areas and as a volunteer in areas that require his agility and dexterity. At the Refettorio, he is responsible for maintaining the kitchen work areas, as well as the equipment in the proper conditions and complying with hygiene and sanitation standards.