Full privacy notice web users

This is the Full Privacy Notice for users of the Refettorio Mérida website.

In this document we inform how we use or can use your personal data when you visit, browse, request information or subscribe to the periodic communications of Refettorio Mérida.

Identity and domicile of Data Controller

Fundación Palace Resorts, I.A.P. (hereinafter, “Refettorio Mérida” or “we”) is the Data Controller of your personal data. Our domicile for hearing and receiving notifications is Carretera Cancún Puerto Morelos km 21, Manzana 01, Lote 1 – 11, Edificio A, Supermanzana 47, Municipio Benito Juárez, Cancún, Quintana Roo, C.P.77506.

Data that we may process

To fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, we must collect certain personal data:

  1. Identification data, and
  2. Browsing data.

For the purposes indicated in the following section, Refettorio Mérida does not process sensitive personal data.

We may process your personal data for the following main purposes:

  1. Upon request of data subject, sending information about the activities of Refettorio Mérida and the means to make donations.
  2. Management of registrations, cancellations and modifications of subscriptions to Refettorio Mérida periodical publications (newsletters, bulletins and other communications).
  3. Statistics and historical record of visits to the Refettorio Mérida website.

We do not use your personal data for additional or secondary purposes.

Transfers of personal data

Refettorio Mérida does not make data transfers to third parties for the purposes indicated in the previous section.

When it is legally required or Data Controller deems necessary, we will request your consent prior to making any transfer.

Exercise of the ARCO rights.

In all cases legally applicable, at all times, you may exercise your access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights (ARCO rights) by means of the procedures we have implemented. The relevant request shall meet the requirements of the effective legislation, by means of a document addressed to our Personal Data Responsible at the domicile indicated in section “Identity and domicile of Data Controller”.

The request shall contain the following:

  1. Your name and domicile or any other means to answer your request,
  2. The documents proving your identity or, if applicable, your legal powers
  3. A clear and precise description of the personal data with regard to which any ARCO Rights are to be enforced, and
  4. Any other element or document facilitating the localization of your personal data.

Refettorio Mérida shall inform to you, within a maximum term of twenty business days, from the date when Data Controller receives the relevant request, the resolution thereof. In case the request was accepted, the request shall become effective within the fifteen business days after the date when Data Controller communicates the resolution. In the event the information provided at your requests turns out to be untrue or insufficient or in the event they are not included the documents required to prove your identity or the relevant legal powers, the Data Controller, within the five business days after the receipt of the request, shall require that deficiencies be corrected in order to process the request. In such cases, you shall have ten business days to fulfill the correction requirement, from the day after receipt thereof. The relevant request shall be deemed as not presented in case you fail to conduct the correction within said term.

Alternatively, you may address your request through the following address derechosarco@palaceresorts.com, complying with all the aforesaid requirements, establishing as Subject to the communication “ARCO Rights and/or Consent Revocation”. The terms for the proceeding shall be the same as the ones mentioned in the foregoing paragraph. The use of the electronic means for the enforcement of the ARCO rights authorizes Refettorio Mérida to answer the relevant request through the same means, unless data subject himself expressly and clearly indicates otherwise.

You can obtain the requested personal information in the form of plain copies or electronic documents in common formats (Word, PDF, etc.), or by any other legal means that guarantee and evidence the exercise of the requested right.

You shall be responsible for the updating of your personal data possessed by the Data Controller. Therefore, you guarantee and shall bear the cost, at any time, for the truthfulness, accuracy, effectiveness and authenticity of the personal data provided. You commit to duly update them and to notify so to the Refettorio Mérida.

Revocation of consent or limitation of the use of your data

You may revoke your consent for the processing of your personal data, without any retroactive effects, in case such a revocation does not entail that it is not possible to fulfill the obligations arising from an effective legal relation between you and the Refettorio Mérida or supposes the breach of general provisions of public order that establish the obligation to maintain the processing of your personal data for a certain period of time.

The procedure for the revocation of the consent, if applicable, shall be the same as the established in section above for the exercise of the ARCO rights.

You may limit the usage or disclosure of your personal data by addressing the relevant request to our Personal Data Department. The requirements for accrediting your identity, as well as the procedure for processing your request shall be the same as the ones indicated at section “ARCO rights exercise”.

Refettorio Mérida has the means and procedures to ensure the inclusion of some of your data in its own exclusion lists, when you expressly request its inclusion in them. Refettorio Mérida will grant the data subjects the corresponding proof of registration.

Cookies and other technologies

On the website www.refettoriomerida.com we use cookies to facilitate remembering your browsing preferences, analyzing the use of the site and improving the information that we publish. Cookies are small files that allow to save and retrieve information that is stored in the browser used by users or visitors of our website.

Cookies have an expiry date which may vary during any single session or visit to the website and will expire on a specific date counted from the time they become active. Most cookies used by www.refettoriomerida.com are associated with a single anonymous user and their equipment, they do not provide information that can be used to obtain the name of a User, they cannot read information from your hard disk nor insert a virus in your texts.

We can also gather information using “web beacons”, “pixel tags”, “clear gifs” or similar means (generically called “web beacons”) which allow us to collect nonpersonal or added information such as domain names, the site areas you visit, operating system you use, version of your system, browser version and the URL you last visited. This information is used to improve your experience on the site and analyze traffic patterns.

We may also use third party advertising on our sites. These advertisers may also use cookies and pixel tags to identify among other things, what advertisements you viewed and on what pages.

Refettorio Mérida does not have control over the use of this technology by third parties and therefore we cannot be held liable for their actions and policies.

You may configure your browser to accept or reject cookies automatically or to receive a notification that will allow you to decide whether to accept or reject that cookie. We suggest that you consult the help section of your browser to find out how to change the cookies acceptance or rejection settings. Even when you configure your browser to reject all cookies or to expressly reject cookies from www.refettoriomerida.com, you will be able to continue browsing the website but not all its features will be available. In any case, you can eliminate www.refettoriomerida.com cookies at any time by following the procedure indicated in the Help section of your browser.

To know the details of the functions and type of cookies used at www.refettoriomerida.com, you may consult our Cookies Privacy Notice.

Amendments or updates to this Full Privacy Notice

Data Controller may amend, update, extend or otherwise change the form, content and scope of this Privacy Notice at any time and at its sole discretion. In such cases, we shall publish said amendments in the website www.refettoriomerida.com, section “Privacy Notices”.

Last updated:
April 24th, 2020